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RealRack vertical Ebike 4 rack

RR E BIKE Four Bike Rack


The RR E BIKE four bike rack carries four E mountain bikes, without scratching, as close to the car as possible, whilst still enabling access to the boot or tailgate with the bikes on. It is the lightest rack on the market and the easiest to load.

The unique RR design holds the bike on the inside of the steerer tube, a component of the bike that is designed to take large forces so it is ideal for hanging your bike from.

  • Features

    • Simple, lightweight and easy to use vertical bike rack.

    • Suitable for medium size sedans, station wagons, SUVs and utes.

    • Fits almost any bike including BMX's, kid's bikes and e-bikes.

    • Tall enough to accommodate long, slack trails bikes and DH bikes.

    • Comes with a mount for either a 2" square hitch or a normal 50mm (1 7/8") tow ball (what most NZ cars have).

    • Centre of gravity of the loaded rack is close to the car.

    • New Zealand made - support local!

  • Details

    • Burly design to handle the extra weight of E Bikes

    • Four bike capacity (maximum bike load per mount of 28kg, maximum rack load of 100kg)

    • Rack mass: 13-15kg (dependent on mount)

    • Includes: Rack, mount, bungee ties and support strap.

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