Be aware of the load rating of your towbar (hitch) check the vehicle manual or with the manufacturer. Ensure your towbar isn't over loaded as this may cause damage to the vehicle or towbar.

For example, assuming your the towbar is rated to a maximum tongue load of 75kg, and that RealRack is 10kg, your max usable load on the rack is 65kg. This is equivalent to the weight of 4 x bikes at 16.25kg or 3 x bikes at 21.6kg.

note the max load of ech con pice is 24kg.


because of the weight, we recommend you carry a maximum of 2 e-bikes on your standard rack. The e-bike must be loaded on the 2 bike spaces either side of the middle. Note, no other bike should be carried at the same time as 

e-bikes. We recommend removing the batteries when transporting e-bikes to reduce the load.


Congratulations and thank you for choosing RealRack to take care of your ride!

Below is some important information you need to know before you install your newly acquired RealRack on your vehicle.
This information is to be used in conjunction with our how to video below.
Following these simple instructions will provide you with the best experience while using your RealRack!


Note, failing to follow these instructions may void the warranty of the product, it may cause damage to yours/someone else’s precious rides and or vehicle.

STEP 1: Unwrapping

Find a clear space and carefully unpack and unwrap your RealRack taking care to remove all packaging from each component. (Remember to reuse of recycle the packaging if you can!) 


STEP 2: Installing and assembling

Note: We strongly recommend using thread lock on all threads to prevent nuts / bolts from vibrating loose.

  1. Fit the mounting bracket to your vehicle (we will ensure that you have the correct part whether you have a square hitch, tow ball, or other before we dispatch). Details on the installation of the bracket will depends on the type of towbar you have, please get in touch with us if you need any assistance.

  2. Fit the main support post on the mounting bracket by placing the RealRack logo face down. Locate the 12mm bolt in the end/ bottom hole and lift the post up to insert the quick release pin.

  3. Next, using the 8mm nuts and bolts from the kit, secure the back wheel stabiliser to the main post.

  4. Secure the top rail using the 10mm nuts and bolts provided. Note that the cones will point up away from the car. 

STEP 3: Loading bikes

The easiest way to proceed is to

load your bike from either side of the rack. We recommend loading the bikes from the middle out especially for the 6 bikes version. 

Loading the bike

  1. To load a bike on the rack, stand on beside your bike, opposite to the rack with the front wheel pointing towards the rack. 

  2. Place one hand behind the seat post and the other hand on the fork lowers. Squat down and lift with your knees.

  3. Lean the bike back, so your hand holding the seat post is supporting most of the weight.

  4. Lift the bike across from the side of the rack, rather than over the top of the rack.

  5. Place steerer tube over the cone piece , sliding it down until the steerer tube is snug on the cone. lower the wheel onto the support bar, the bike is now supported by the rack so you release . 

Securing the bike

  1. Grab the bungee cord near the steerer tube. Thread it behind and over the fork crown and then hook it on to the button provided.

  2. Secure the back wheel with the 2 bungee cords provided. 


 Repeat the process for the next bike and enjoy another shuttle run!
STEP 4. Enjoy your ride!

If you have any question regarding use or assembly of your RealRack, please contact us and we will happily help you out so you can get riding!

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